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Zelda Goldman was the daughter of Irwin and Dory Goldman, and the older sister of Rachel Creed. Zelda suffered from an illness,, Spinal Meningitis, and as a result was bed ridden and became burdensome for both her parents and Rachel. This led Rachel to despise her sister who was also known as the family's "dirty secret".

Zelda's Life

Zelda was terminally ill and grotesquely disfigured by her illness, and could not care for herself. She stayed upstairs in the Goldman home and was never seen by anyone other than the Goldmans. Rachel had to care for her sister and do everything for her, which ruined her childhood and her life. Because of the burden that Zelda put on Rachel and her family Rachel secretly hated Zelda and hoped she would die so her family "couldn't feel any more pain."

Her Death

Rachel's sister, Zelda.

One afternoon when her parents were not home, Rachel was left alone to care for her sister Zelda which was usual. When Rachel began feeding her sister, Zelda started choking and her back and neck began to twist. As Rachel watched in horror, Zelda finally succumbed to death from her disease. Rachel then started to run downstairs, screaming "Zelda's dead!" repeatedly as the next door neighbors came and wondered what was going on. Rachel recalls when telling this story to her husband Louis, that her neighbors thought she was crying but she was actually laughing.