"Bill: Look that's where G-G-Georgie disappeared. There's the Ironworks and the Black Spot. Everywhere it happened is... is all connected by the sewers. And they all meet up at...
Ben: The Well House.
Stan: It's in the house on Neibolt Street.
Richie: You mean that creepy-ass house where all the junkies and hobos like to sleep?
Beverly: I hate that place. It always feels like it's watching me.
Eddie: That's where I saw IT. There I saw a clown.
Bill: Th-Th-Th That's where IT lives.
Stan: I can't imagine anything ever wanting to live there.
The Losers' Club in location IT's location

The Well House, also known as the Haunted House, is the house on Neibolt Street in IT and the 2017 movie adaptation. It's an abandoned house where IT lives. All the major incidents are connected to this house by the sewers. Most of the Losers' Club hate this house. According to Richie, it’s a “creepy-ass house” where junkies and hobos like to sleep.



  • The Clown Room, which Richie is trapped in, contains a statue of the 1990 miniseries Pennywise, standing at the front.
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