Victoria "Vicky" Fuller is a little girl and one of It’s many victims. She is notable for having a huge birthmark on her face.


Victoria Fuller is most likely the movie counterpart of Laurie Anne Winterberger although their deaths are at two different places and two different times compared to the book.

It: Chapter Two

Victoria Fuller is first seen at the circus when Adrian Mellon gives her a prize after losing against him in a carnival game. She is seen again at a baseball game, bored but her mother says they are staying at the game. Victoria is distracted by a firefly most likely possessed by It and follows it under the bleachers. There, she meets Pennywise, who says they are friends. Victoria says that she is not Pennywise’s friend and that he is scary. Pennywise then feigns crying, saying he has no friends and is teased because of the way he looks. This catches Victoria’s attention, who claims she is also bullied due to her birthmark. Pennywise tells her he can get rid of it and tells her to count to three. After pausing for a bit after saying two, Victoria says he forgot to say three but is stopped in her sentence when Pennywise bites her face, ultimately killing her. It is unknown whether her body was ever found.

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