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Victoria "Vicky" McGee {nee Tomlinson} was the wife of Andy McGee and the mother of Charlie McGee, who was a student at a university in Harrison, Ohio. At one time, when she needed money, she took part in a chemical experiment, where she meets her future husband. She got injected with a drug called Lot Six, which changed her chromosomes and gave her minor telekinesis. She is a caring mother and teaches her daughter about controlling her powers, which is not easy, because sometimes, in her anger, she causes fire to appear.

She was later murdered when agents of the Shop tried to kidnap her daughter for military purposes. Although Vicki died, her husband and daughter were able to flee.

Powers & Abilities

Vicky possessed a minor form of telekinesis; she could apparently close a door just by looking at it, but this left her with a minor headache and she showed no sign that she was fully aware of her use of her powers.



Vicky was portrayed in the 1984 movie by Heather Locklear. In the 2002 television miniseries, Vicky was portrayed by Karrie Combs.

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