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Victoria "Vicky" McGee (née Tomlinson) was the wife of Andy McGee and the mother of Charlie McGee, who was a student at a university in Harrison, Ohio, in the novel Firestarter. At one time, when she needed money, she took part in a chemical experiment, where she meets her future husband. She got injected with a drug called Lot Six, which changed her chromosomes and gave her minor telekinesis. She is a caring mother and teaches her daughter about controlling her powers, which is not easy, because sometimes, in her anger, she causes fire to appear.

She was later murdered when agents of the Shop tried to kidnap her daughter for military purposes. Although Vicky died, her husband and daughter were able to flee.



Her daughter resembles her appearance and has blue eyes like her. In 1969, she was tall with light-auburn hair and with clear complexion. She wore a powder-blue sweater and a short skirt when she met Andy McGee.

Firestarter (novel)

When she was seven, a teenage baby-sitter had assaulted her which left her become afraid of sex.

She met Andy in 1969 when he was checking his form by asking to borrow his pen because her pen went dry. After Andy decided to wait for her, she told him about her friend who earn fifty dollars last semester. When Andy ask her if her friend was in the Psych Department, she revealed that both her friend and boyfriend were part of it. She added that her boyfriend couldn't get in, who was in Joseph Wanless's class, possibly due to conflict of interest or something. She asked Andy, What if I go on a bad trip or something?, to show how nervous she was that something might go wrong. Since she believed that Wanless look like a mad doctor.
After telling her that the experiment is pretty mild stuff to him and revealing to her that he tried LSD twice, he invited her to buy a Coke. After buying two Cokes for her, he and her went to a local hangout to drink a few beers. She told Andy that her boyfriend had absolutely forbidden her to take part of Wanless experiment and for that reason she had gone ahead, signed the release form and was determined to go through with it even though she was scared. As a result, She decided that she and her boyfriend, revealed to be named George, had to breakup. As later revealed, the main thing that lead them to breakup was the fact that George pressed her to have sex with him. Andy asked her if he could pick her up on the morning of the experiment. She agreed since she needed a friend to go with due to her fear of Wanless because of how George was adamant. She revealed that George didn't tell her anything but that he didn't trust Wanless. Andy convinced her that everything would go fine, which it was revealed to turn out to be false.
During the day of the experiment where there were a total of twelve volunteers which included her and Andy, she was on a cot next to Andy's cot. She was was scared and also wore a sleeveless white blouse and dove-grey slacks during that day. When Wanless arrived between her and Andy, Wanless asked her how she was feeling and if she felt some pain. She responded to be fine but felt slight pressure. He told her that it will pass. When Andy spoke in his mind about Vicky's beauty and her hair, she was able to hear his thoughts. She respond to him about his thoughts which became a surprise to him. She and Andy's interaction became interrupted when they both noticed another volunteer near the room's blackboard who was crying and babbling hysterically. The volunteer clawed his eyes out of his head and as a result Wanless and several grad assistants (GA) ran and gathered around the volunteer. She observed the whole scene with Andy.
When one of the GA, which Vicky was not aware to be a false student who works for The Shop, came over to Andy, revealed to be named Ralph Baxter. She got involved in Andy and Baxter's conservation, when Baxter tried to deceive Andy that the volunteer who clawed his eyes out was a just a visual stuff, to prove that they both were witness to the scene. Baxter responded to her that she just shared the same illusion. After, Baxter had left both them. She and Andy communicated using Telepathy for the whole time they stay in the room. She slept in her cot after a few volunteers were left.
A few years later, Andy deduces that when she was confronted by the men chasing after him and their daughter Charlie McGee, the men pulled her fingernails out with four in total. She told them anything that the men wanted to know. Their action possibly by accident led to her death.

Powers & Abilities

Vicky possessed a minor form of telekinesis; she could apparently close a door just by looking at it, but this left her with a minor headache and she showed no sign that she was fully aware of her use of her powers.



Vicky was portrayed in the 1984 movie by Heather Locklear. In the 2002 television miniseries, Vicky was portrayed by Karrie Combs.