Vera Nason Smith was the wife of Herb Smith and the mother of Johnny Smith.

In the movie

Vera was portrayed by Jackie Burroughs.

In the TV series

Vera (b. 1936) donated massive sums of money to Reverend Eugene Purdy's Faith Heritage Alliance, in return for which Purdy designated the Vera Smith Chapel. She committed suicide in the late-1990's while her son remained in a coma, though her son was later told that she had suffered a heart attack. Johnny later discovered the truth, as well as learning of Purdy's role in covering up the true nature of Vera's death.

Vera was portrayed by Anna Hagan in "Wheel of Fortune (Part 1)," "Quality of Life," "The House," "Netherworld," "Dinner With Dana," and "Collision"; she was also portrayed by Anita Adams in "The House," "Destiny," and "Babble On."


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