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Today is the day is i will show you the two vaults,Vault 28 and Vault 2017 instead of the footages,i will show you the text.

Vault 2017


2017 September 8


NOT YET!!!!!!


Created By



Child ParanormalHacks Exploits


Accessed by

Some Other People

First Mention Edit

It was mentioned by the Losers Club as someone said "EVIL IS OPERATING IN THEIR EYES" as said by a player in IT Roleplay and it starts its construction.

SCP attacks 12 residents on Denbrough House Footage Edit

On September 12 2017,a unknown player playing with a unknown group of 7 is walking in the hallway and a unknown dog with a SCP smile appears at their back and attacks them causing the footage to end.


Vault 2017 will be the next to appear on The Vault By Stephen King.

Vault 28

Here is another rumor!

First Mention Edit

As one player joined a secret vault called Vault 28 as said by other players then someone transported to this vault due to the second player filled with beige skin saying,"I was scared of this vault!",then a unknown creature from Vault 666 with a SCP 087 smile at its face and... it attacked the 3 players in the vault based off in my file explorer.

Teletubby from Robloxtubbies:Revived attacks 3 players footage (Text only) Edit

Due to the I AM WATCHING YOU as said by a player brought them to the vault from the Robloxtubbies:Revived game,then a colorful teletubby with red eyes started to attack the 3 players causing the camera to brownout then it statics itself causing the footage to end.

Lobby Room Footage (TEXT ONLY) Edit

The spawns have cages around it making the Lolbit Please stand by sound and a fan rotating on the side of the lobby and the screen cuts to static and corrupts itself and a teletubby captures 12 players in the lobby causing the footage to end.

Corrupted Tree Footage Edit

It shows Po hanging on a tree and the screen goes to the orange hat teletubby,s vision and then the screen goes to the Vaults inside and then corrupts itself and causes the footage to end.

Note (PLEASE READ!) Edit

It remains as a mystery and it will appear on another movie called The Vault by Stephen King.