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Kaneki International Speedway is a speedway in Tokyo, Japan which the tie-breaker race began in 2012, the speedway has larger ascend to descend curves, pit stops, and a bigger host area and fans area, and a infield fans area which is also the same as Derry Maine International Speedway , which the map was a bit same, and the movie is The Eastern Derry, where it also takes place in Japan.


The map shows a full infield fans area, a bigger fans area, and a huge host area, and pitstops, and the track.

The track does not have a memorial like the Derry Maine International Speedway due to the race had only 3 cars being driven.

The final lap crash

While (secret! it is Greta Bowie) races for Dinoco with her number being 44, (secret #2! it is Bob Gray) has his number as 27, knocks Greta out of the track and falls into the grass flipping over and crashing then she gets injuried, Menius Orichias pushes her to the finish line and they both win while Bob Gray loses due to his poor sportsmanship, and Greta and Menius win together due to their good sportsmanship, and the credits show up.

Crash in the final lap (NEW! revealing crash on what's in the movie)


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The final lap crash revealing what is it's original scene.

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