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Derry Maine International Speedway is a speedway that shows up in the movie called The Eastern Derry which takes place in the eastern corner of Derry, which has a racetrack in it, back in 2006, a crash called the Massive One involved thousands of racers in the track, and the memorial of the crash was created in 2009 due to some of the drivers died.

Map and International Tour

The map has a Oval like race track with pit-stops with curved ascend to descend curves which are not available on the tour video, The tour video shows a Martinsville Speedway like raceway without the hosting area to show the tie-breaker, and the fans area is a bit full of people (villagers in minecraft), and the map shows a big fan area and the host area.

The tour video also has the memorial while the map also has so they both have the same location of the memorial.

The video of the tour was created in 2019, but the map is created in 2020.

The tour has bars connecting the memorial while the map does'nt.



Derry Maine International Speedway

The tour with Real Gone - Sheryl Crow.


The map. (ignore the watermark)

What this speedway is based on

The speedway is based on Motor Speedway of The South, but a slight of cars were injuried, no people died in the crash due to it is only cars.

Crash (Video revealing what is based on the crash)

The crash is based on Dinoco's All Mine where other racers crash and Menius Orichias makes it through.


Cars - "Dinoco is all mine!" in 52 languages

The crash, but it is cars. No people were killed, but The Eastern Derry movie had many people's lives taken.

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