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  • Aggression25

    Adopting this Wiki

    August 12, 2019 by Aggression25

    TimeShade suggests that I adopt this Wiki since I’m one of the only contributors to the site.

    While I am interested in adopting this, I hope there won’t be any opposition in doing so.

    Anyone think I can?

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  • Aggression25

    Christine Remake

    April 19, 2019 by Aggression25

    Does anyone here think there's a chance that, after the Pet Semetary remake, they're going to make a remake of Christine?

    --Traitor Hater 2000 (talk) 05:53, April 19, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Aggression25

    I can't decide much between Angela Bettis and Chloe Grace. I'm mostly for Angela Bettis because I've seen her in a few other films, like "May" and "Sick Girl". Chloe Grace is someone I only recall in "Let Me In", but she was a great actress in that film.

    Who is your favorite Carrie?

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