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Hello, i recently joined this Wiki about just two months ago. Being a fan of Stephen King, i enjoy adding articles to the site and sharing my ideas with other users on the site. As much i like the site, i do have a few complaints. One major one is the unfair point system here on the website. I find it to be extremely unfair because of how the points are given out. I have been spending quality time here and making hard efforts into writing articles based on the several novels by King, and yet it doesn't matter because any other user effortlessly can make one little tiny edit, such as adding a picture or a correcting a spelling error, and get the same amount of credit as me. It's really not fair that users who do minimal work on this site (such as making tiny spelling errors or adding a category) get the same amount of credit as those who actually work hard on this Wiki (By working hard, i mean actually adding detailed articles, like i do on a daily basis)

I am not saying this to complain or nag, but simply to make a productive point on how the point system of the site should be altered and changed.

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