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The events of Under the Dome occurred in late October of 2017 (see notes).

FRI 10.20 Dale Barbara assaulted in the parking lot of Dipper's Roadhouse by Frank DeLesseps, Junior Rennie, Carter Thibodeau, and Melvin Searles.
SAT 10.21 DOME DAY: Chuck Thompson, Claudette Sanders, Myra Evans, Robert Roux, Nora Robichaud, Billy Debec, Wanda Debec, and Howard Perkins die; Angie McCain and Dodee Sanders murdered.
SUN 10.22 DeLesseps, Thibodeau, Searles, Rennie Jr., and Georgia Roux deputized; Joe McClatchey's protest; Lester Coggins' prayer-group; Rory Dinsmore and Dr. Ron Haskell die; Samantha Bushey raped by DeLesseps, Thibodeau, and Searles.
MON 10.23 Coggins murdered; Grand Isle missile strike; Barbara takes Town Hall Geiger counter, giving it to Rusty Everett; HY-908 experimental acid test; Jack Evans commits suicide; meteor shower.
TUE 10.24 Everett gives Geiger counter to Julia Shumway, who gives it to McClatchey; Food City riot; Brenda Perkins murdered; Dale Barbara arrested; McClatchey, Benny Drake, and Norrie Calvert locate transmitter tower on Black Ridge; office of the Democrat firebombed; DeLesseps and Georgia Roux murdered by Bushey.
WED 10.25 Everett finds Dome generator on Black Ridge; Rennie Jr. and Rennie Sr. hospitalized at Cathy Russell; Everett arrested; Rennie addresses police at Food City; Chester's Mill Revolutionary Committee meeting at First Congregational Church.
THU 10.26 Town Hall meeting; Andrea Grinnell, Carolyn Sturges, Stacey Moggin, Rupert Libby, Mickey Wardlaw, Junior Rennie killed; Jackie Wettington, Romeo Burpee and Ernie Calvert break Everett and Barbara out of prison; Chester's Mill Revolutionary Committee flee to Black Ridge.
FRI 10.27 Visitor's Day; Phil Bushey and Andy Sanders detonate meth lab bomb during raid; Thibodeau and Rennie flee to bomb shelter; Ollie Dinsmore flees to potato cellar.
SAT 10.28 Shumway and Barbara return to Dome generator; Shumway pleads with captors; Dome lifts.


Dome Day is said to take place on "October twenty-first" (p.5), while the Food City riot occurs on the morning of a Tuesday (p. 465-6) that is later said to be "October twenty-fourth" (p.648), placing Dome Day on a Saturday. The most recent year in which October 21st fell on a Saturday was 2006; the next year with such a date is 2017. Had 2012 not been a leapyear, October 21st would have fallen on a Saturday.

Benny Drake is said to have had his last tetanus shot in the "Fall of 2009" (p.78).

Carolyn Sturges' Volvo is said to bear a bumper sticker that is "faded but still readable" proclaiming "OBAMA `12: YES WE STILL CAN" (p.305). When Jim Rennie reads a letter from the President authorizing Dale Barbara as a Colonel, Rennie remarks that "the bastard had signed it himself, and using all three of his names, including the terrorist one in the middle," indicating that Barack Hussein Obama is still the President at the time that the Dome closed off Chester's Mill, and Peter Randolph told Rennie that Willow and Tommy Anderson keep "a picture of Uncle Barack over the bar" of Dipper's Roadhouse (p.131).

Rusty Everett tries to remember a line from Lost, and laments that the show "had been a long time ago" (p.285). Andrea Grinnell is later said to be a fan of a television series entitled The Hunted Ones, which is described as "a clever sequel to Lost." Lost aired its sixth and final season between February and May of 2010; any sequel to follow would not have begun airing until the Fall of 2010 at the earliest.

Carter Thibodeau is said to be reading an issue of Car & Driver in which the "2012 BMW H-car" is compared to the "2011 Ford Vesper" (p.706).