UR 88416 is one of a nearly infinite number of parallel alternature universes that make up the Multiverse.

88416 is a universe in which no assassination attempt was made on John F. Kennedy during his trip to Dallas in November of 1963. Kennedy returned to Washington and ended the United States' involvement in the Viet Nam War against the recommendations of Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara; Secretary McNamara resigned his position, and was replaced by United States Army Bruce Palmer.

The Civil Rights Movement was milder, with fewer riots in American cities, and no assassination attempt was made on Martin Luther King, Jr. Kennedy won a second term in 1964, and Maine Senator Edmund Muskie defeated New York governor Nelson Rockefeller to win the presidency in 1968 by a landslide.

In January of 1968, Kennedy's last party at the White House was played by the Beatles, though drummer Pete Best suffered a siezure and was rushed to the hospital.


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