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Trevor Dawson is a friend of the late Will Hanlon and a minor character in the horror novel, It. His main occupation revolved around carpentry, although he also served as a part-time registered soldier during the mid to late 1920’s. Using his carpentry experience, he aided Will and the rest of his peers in building and constructing the “Black Spot” (a local nightclub primarily assembled and designed for African-American patrons) in 1930.

In late fall, a massive fire outbreak occurred at the newly formed club (caused solely by a white supremacist cult called the “Maine Legion of White Decency”). Most of the attendants and clients inside the Black Spot were well burned and charred alive. Dawson, Hanlon and another associate called Dick Hallorann escaped the disparaging inferno through the club’s front window. Upon exiting the burning building, Trevor immediately headed down to “Company E” (an air force located near the Black Spot). There, he hijacked one of the armed trucks (being forced to knock out the uncooperative Sergeant Wilson in the process). He swiftly drove back and crashed into the entrance door of the Black Spot, providing a passage of exit for the remaining survivors who were still left inside the blazing club.

If not for his highly valiant and heroic contributions, there would have been a far greater number of casualties raked up (over possibly a hundred) by the catastrophic fire.

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