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The Tracker Brothers  was Derry's trucking workshop that was owned and maintained by Phil and Tony Tracker in the novel, It. Behind the workshop is an old and run-downed baseball field that the Derry kids would often occupy. Every once in a while, Tony Tracker would come out onto the field and coach some of the kids that were there, teaching them to improve their batting skills (to which Tony had often referred to as the "ash-handle"). There were several notable residents and characters that often attended the field on a daily basis, including Stan Uris, Peter Gordon, and Reginald "Belch" Huggins (who was an excellent batter). Eddie Kaspbrak would also sometimes watch the games, often returning foul balls. His mother, however, probably wouldn't let him go to the field if Phil and Tony Tracker were there, as she mentions to Eddie that they are "queers" in a disgruntled manner.

Some time later, the Tracker Brothers eventually closed down due to low maintenance and support.

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