Tom Rogan

Tom Rogan (Ryan Michael) in IT.

"Where is she?"

- Tom Rogan in IT

Tom Rogan is the abusive husband of Beverly Marsh

Character Biography

In the novel, Tom Rogan is the insane and abusive husband of Beverly. He uses Beverly's chain smoking as an excuse to beat her. But his abuse of her proves to be his undoing. One night when he abuses her, he is surprised when the normally docile Beverly fights back and escapes. So he threatens one of her friends to find out where she is. After leaning she has gone back to Derry he leaves for Derry to kill her and Bill Denbrough. But in Derry he meets It who hypnotises him. Under It's control he captures Audra Phillips and takes her to It's lair under the city. After seeing It's true form he drops dead in shock and gets eaten by It.

In the film, he is portrayed by actor Robert Michael and is her co-worker in the fashion industry, who secures a successful deal. He seduces Beverly and she winds up sleeping with him, and although they aren't married, he is very controlling and abusive. He strikes Beverly, but she throws glasses at him and leaves Tom. He screams "BEVVVV!!!!!" as she leaves, and is never seen again.

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