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Todd Bowden is a character from Apt Pupil.

Apt Pupil: Novel

In 1974, Todd Bowden confronts local resident Arthur Denker with knowledge of his real name and identity, and uses this to force Dussander to tell him stories of his days in the Schutzstaffel (SS) as a commissioned officer at one of the concentration camps. Dussander reluctantly and resentfully complies, and Todd becomes increasingly fascinated by the dark, brutal acts that Dussander was a part of as his visits continue.

When Todd's grades begin to fail due to his growing disinterest in anything besides more tales of the Holocaust, Dussander uses Todd's association with a war criminal and forging of his report cards to counter-blackmail Todd, compelling him to work to address his faltering grades. Todd eventually does so, but also uses Dussander, posing as his grandfather, to keep knowledge of his dropping GPA from getting to his parents.

Eventually, feeling that he has addressed his troubles at school and run out of uses for Dussander, Todd resolves to kill the old man, but Dussander realizes what the teenager means to do and successfully bluffs him out of it, saying he has a letter prepared in a safe deposit box that will reveal Todd's association with a Nazi war criminal if Dussander should die unexpectedly. Todd claims he has also written a similar letter about Dussander, ensuring that the two continue to keep the other's secrets.

Haunted by nightmares of the graphic stories that Dussander has told him, Todd begins to murder vagrants in the area, using their homelessness to assist him in getting away with the crimes. As the years go on, Todd loses some of his interest in Dussander and visits him less often. He loses his virginity to his Jewish girlfriend, but finds sex much less satisfying than the thrill of committing murder. Todd blames his lack of sexual satisfaction on his girlfriend's religion, losing interest in her as well.

Unable to continue his killings for a time, Todd resorts to driving out to a concealed spot overlooking a highway, where he aims at passing cars with his bolt-action rifle. Dussander calls him one night, having experienced a heart attack while digging a grave for his latest victim. Todd finishes the job, cleans up the mess, and calls an ambulance. At the hospital, Dussander reveals that he knows both of them bluffed about the letters they wrote, and further tells Todd "we are quits." They never see one another again, as Dussander soon after commits suicide after being discovered by a former concentration camp inmate and confronted by an Israeli Nazi hunter.

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