Template:Mature {{Villain Infobox |image = Timmy-1-.jpg |size = 200 |fullname = Timothy Baterman |alias = Timmy Baterman |occupation = U.S. Army fighter (formerly,1989 film)
Murderer (1989 film) Vietnam Veteran (2019 film)

"No Dad! I hate living!"
―Timmy Baterman

Timothy "Timmy" Baterman is a supporting antagonist in Pet Sematary. In his life, he was a good normal man who went to war to fight the Nazis in 1941 and he was shot dead in Italy. He came back to the American town of Ludlow within Maine in a funeral box and his father, Bill Baterman, went insane when he got the news but soon after he quietened down because he knew of the cemetery in the woods and he knew what he would do.

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