• Hey Agression,

    I'm following up on a few things I've messaged you before. Have you since noticed any candidates for administrators? Or would you be open on setting up guidelines how new admins/content moderators could be elected? I could work on that with you.

    And for the main page, would you be fine with the main page layout I've previously shown you which focuses on latest releases? As there are several works, it can be a little overwhelming.

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    • Nothing new on potential admins or content moderators. Setup guidelines for how to be either an admin or content moderator.

      Yes, show new releases every now and then.

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    • Alright, I'll have the new main page up by tomorrow night as well as a draft of the guidelines how to be an admin (will let you review before publishing it).

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    • Okay, thank you.

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    • Got the main page done already, what do you think of this route?

      Including the minimalist route with solid color background, as there are many works that it's hard to feature different works without cycling through new ones quite often.

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    • It's okay, but the Disney+films part confused me. Is that real?

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    • Nope, just the main page bit. That was from another wiki I was helping out.

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    • Okay. You know what to do. Thank you.

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    • Very general, don't think we need too many specifics

      Users interested in receiving user rights should be:

      • Active in contributing to the wiki in the past two months.
        • Focus on quality, not quantity
      • Engaging with other users

      Put up a public discussion, which should include the following:

      • The rights you'd like to receive
      • Why you want the rights and what you plan to use it for
      • Showcase any key contributions you've made or clean up work
      • The discussion should be up for 2 weeks unless there is a consensus reached among active contributors on the wiki
        • There needs to be at least some agreements during this time. You can contact users to give their input but don't message every user.
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    • This is good.

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    • Would you mind if I use the announcements feature to reach out for potential candidates?

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    • Sure, go ahead.

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    • A FANDOM user
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