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The Walk is the seventh episode of the CBS All Access adaptation of The Stand. It aired on January 28, 2021.


After tragedy strikes the Boulder Free Zone, Mother Abagail tasks members of her Committee with a dangerous mission. Meanwhile, Harold and Nadine begin their journey to New Vegas to unite with Flagg and claim their reward.


Assigned by Flagg to recover a nuclear warhead from an army base, Trashcan Man gets it done. Riding a buggy back towards Las Vegas to please the dark man, Trash is excited despite being exposed directly to the lethal radiation emitted from the unshielded warhead. Trash isn't the only one heading back to Vegas to meet with Flagg, as Nadine Cross and Harold Lauder both get on the road after setting off their bomb.

Harold believes Flagg will reward him for his service with a woman that will make Nadine "look like a sack of potatoes." Nadine pays Harold back for this, tricking him into suffering a gruesome motorcycle accident while en route to Vegas, leaving him gravely injured by the side of the road as she continues alone. Finally, after writing a note, Harold kills himself.

As Boulder mourns the loss of those killed by the bomb, Mother Abagail recovers long enough to reveal that, while she won't live long enough to see the humanity's new start in full due to her sin of pride, many of the others will. Warning of dark days ahead, Abagail instructs Frannie Goldsmith to remain in Boulder as the remaining members of the ruling committee -- minus Nick Andros, who was indeed killed in the blast -- go to Vegas, on foot and unarmed, to confront Flagg themselves. Before passing away, Abagail prophesies one of them will fall before reaching the destination. After some emotional goodbyes, the group sets out with Ray Brentner to cover the over 900 miles between Boulder and Vegas. Along the way, Larry Underwood finds Harold's note, which has the young man claiming responsibility for his actions.

Meanwhile, Flagg visits Nadine while she's en route to Vegas to congratulate her for the bomb and take her as his promised bride. The two consummate their unholy union, with a horrified Nadine catching a glimpse for Flagg's true, monstrous form as they have sex. The Boulder expedition runs into its own setback, with Stu Redman falling down a chasm and breaking his right leg during the group's cross-country trek. Setting the bone back in so the leg can mend properly, Stu tells the others to leave him behind and continue towards Vegas. Glen Bateman then gives him some clinical-strength painkillers that he swiped from a pharmacy and his dog, Kojak, opts to stay behind with Stu.

Under orders from Flagg, Lloyd Henreid leads a group of gunmen to apprehend the Boulder party as they near Vegas. The group surrenders willingly and is led into Flagg's pleasure palace, where the group is greeted by Nadine, now visibly withered by her liaison with Flagg and already in the late stages of pregnancy. With Flagg one step ahead of the Boulder Free Zone community and most of its leaders now captive, the dark man is closer to ruling the post-apocalyptic world than ever. However, Trash is on his way with an active nuclear warhead, which will allow the villain to rain nuclear fire upon his enemies and thus assert complete control over the world.



Guest Starring


  • Jason Burkhart as Biker Security Guard
  • Ariana Nica as Adorable Child

Featured Music

  • "I Promise" by Radiohead (over the montage of hiking following Harold’s last journal entry).
  • "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (when Flagg picks up Nadine).
  • "Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?" by Larry Underwood (as the Boulder party is brought into the Inferno Casino to be greeted by Nadine).
  • "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby" by Bing Crosby (over the closing credits).



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