"The Reploids" is a short story originally published in the 1988 anthology Dark Visions, along with "Dedication" and "Sneakers"; it is the only of the three stories that remains uncollected.

The story is likely linked to King's Dark Tower series.


The story concerns the investigation of detectives Richard Cheyney and Pete Jacoby into the bizarre appearance of author Edward Paladin on the Tonight Show. The detectives find strange items in Paladin's possession, including studio-passes in the wrong color, and a bright blue dollar bill with a portrait of James Madison on it.

Relationship with other works

Alternate United States currency — changes in color and presidents — is also described by Donald Callahan in the chapter "The Priest's Tale Continued (Highways in Hiding)" from Wolves of the Calla (DT5). Such differing bills are explained as originating from different co-existing universes within the Dark Tower multiverse. President Chadbourne is mentioned in both the short story and the novel.

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