"The Queen" is the seventh episode of Castle Rock. It aired on Hulu on August 22, 2018.


Memories haunt Ruth Deaver.


Ruth Deaver hides in the garage with a gun; through memories or timeskips, we experience the world as Ruth does – as a jumble of fractured memories. Ruth relives moments in her relationship with Alan Pangborn, including receiving the chess set she would leave in rooms to help her judge the passage of time and the order of her memories. Ruth sees the stray dog hit outside.

Events move to more recent times. Ruth relives Henry Deaver's arrival and a trip to the doctor with Alan. She seems to walk through her memories, placing chess pieces in the rooms of her house and relives other times such as reading to Henry, or being taught magic by Alan.

Ruth's memories go to Matthew Deaver. During a sermon, the reverend talks about immortality and witnesses Alan Pangborn looking at Ruth. Matthew then takes Ruth and Henry into the woods. He has a gun and tells them that he tried to kill himself since he had begun to suspect his wife was having an affair. However, he believes his life now belongs and God wince he believes he heard God's voice talking to him as he was about to end his life.

The next memory is more recent, talking to her grandson Wendell Deaver. He plays a game and finds that's his grandmother's condition reminds him of a concept in the game called a "timewalker." Ruth begins to believe that her condition can be healed if she kill her nemesis like in the game – and she now believes that the Kid is her resurrected husband.

Ruth now lives through her experiences with the Kid, who tells her things that he should have no way of knowing. Ruth plays along with him, dancing and fixing him something to eat while at the same time sending Wendell away, suggesting that he go to the mall in Chester's Mill.

In the past, Matthew takes Henry into the woods to hear the voice of God, and Ruth plans to leave him, having already packed her suitcase. Alan is encouraging her choice to leave her husband. In the near present, the Kid tries to sedate Ruth and draw her a bath. Ruth does not take the pill, however. She hides in the tub then stabs the Kid. Running outside, she pushes through a crowd of people that were present years ago, at the wake for her husband. She finally remembers where the bullets for the gun are, in the suitcase that the stray dog was buried in in the back yard. Ruth retrieves them and loads the gun in the shed.

As the door opens, Ruth panics and fires, shooting Alan. Distraught, she lays her head on his chest. But then the scene shifts and Ruth is cleaning up after the shooting when there is a knock on the door. It is Alan who said there were reports of gunshots. Asking if she needs help, Ruth hugs him and tells him, "Don't leave."





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References to other Stephen King works

  • The news anchor states that firefighters as far as the town of Derry are collaborating to bring down the fire at the Juniper Hill Asylum. 
  • Ruth Deaver sends Wendell to a mall in Chester's Mill.