"The Mangler" is a short story written by Stephen King. It was originally published in the December 1972 issue of Cavalier, and was later included in King's own 1978 collection Night Shift. Posteriorly included in the 1980 anthologies The 21st Pan Book of Horror Stories, in 1980, Arbor House Celebrity Book of Horror Stories, in 1982, and Demons, in 1987.


A police detective investigating a sudden rash of grisly deaths caused by an industrial laundry press machine discovers that, through a series of unfortunate coincidences, the machine has become possessed by a demon. The story ends after the detective and his friend underestimate the demon's power; and in seeking to exorcise the machine, they instead goad it into ripping free of its moorings and prowling the streets in search of fresh prey.


The story was adapted into a film in 1995.