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|'''[[The Dark Tower (series)|The Dark Tower series]]'''
|'''[[The Dark Tower (series)|Novels]]''': ''[[The Gunslinger|1]]'' • ''[[The Drawing of the Three|2]]'' • ''[[The Waste Lands|3]]'' • ''[[Wizard and Glass|4]]'' • ''[[Wolves of the Calla|5]]'' • ''[[Song of Susannah|6]]'' • ''[[The Dark Tower (novel)|7]]'' • ''[[The Wind Through the Keyhole|8]]''<br />'''[[The Dark Tower (series)|Short stories]]''': "[[The Little Sisters of Eluria]]"<br />'''[[The Dark Tower (comics)|Comics]]''': ''[[The Gunslinger Born|#1-7]]'' • ''[[The Long Road Home|#8-12]]'' • ''[[Treachery|#13-18]]'' • ''[[Sorcerer|#19]]'' • ''[[The Fall of Gilead|#20-25]]'' • ''[[The Battle of Jericho Hill|#26-30]]''
[[Category:Graphic novels|Long Road Home, the]]
[[Category:Graphic novels|Long Road Home, the]]
[[Category:The Dark Tower|Long Road Home, the]]
[[Category:The Dark Tower|Long Road Home, the]]

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The Long Road Home is a five-issue comic book series written by Robin Furth and Peter David, illustrated by Jae Lee and Richard Isancove, and published by Marvel Comics from March to July of 2008. The mini-series, which is the second of five such series, is the first story about Roland Deschain not actually written by Stephen King; it was preceded by The Gunslinger Born and followed by Treachery.

Issue #1: 5 March 2008

Issue #2: 2 April 2008

Issue #3: 7 May 2008

Issue #4: 4 June 2008

Issue #5: 2 July 2008

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