The Kid is a minor character and antagonist in The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition

In interviews, Stephen King has stated that The Kid was modeled after spree killer Charles Raymond Starkweather.

Character Biography

The Trashcan Man meets The Kid.

The real name and age of The Kid is not known, but he claims to be from Shreveport, Louisiana. He is very short (about 5'3") and artificially boosts his height an additional six inches by means of tall hairdo and high-heeled cowboy boots. 

He drives a heavily customized 1932 Ford deuce coupe, which he drives recklessly and at "speeds high enough to induce brain damage", often while casually drinking beer, or whiskey chased with Pepsi.

After the superflu outbreak, The Kid encounters the Trashcan Man southwest of Sterling, Colorado. They are both on the way to Las Vegas, Nevada in response to the call of Randall Flagg.

Initially The Kid seems jovial and charming — if vain, boastful, and obsessed with his gaudy car and gaudy appearance. But he quickly reveals himself to be a quick-tempered and violent sociopath.

During their time travelling together, The Kid endangers Trash's life with his reckless driving, directly threatens him with bodily harm and death on repeated occasions, plies him with alcohol at gunpoint, and even sexually assaults him. However, the Kid's worst revelation lies in how he brags about his intentions to enter Las Vegas, feign his way into Flagg's good graces and then overthrow him. To the Trashcan Man's ears this is intolerable blasphemy; but Flagg reassures him in a dream that he has the situation under control.

One evening in the Rockies, while The Kid and Trash are navigating blocked roads and come to a stop 12 miles from the Eisenhower Tunnel. The Kid sends Trash ahead to assess their situation; when Trash returns to the area where they'd stopped, he tries to sneak past The Kid but is discovered. The Kid promises to kill Trash, however Flagg summons a pack of timberwolves, which befriend Trash and attack The Kid. The Kid leaps for the protection of the nearest derelict car, which some of the wolves encircle. The remaining wolves of the pack lead the Trashcan Man away, safely through the Eisenhower Tunnel leaving The Kid to his fate.

A grim vigil begins. It is a toss-up whether hunger, thirst, or daytime heat will finish The Kid off, or else he will grow desperate and try to fight his way through the ring of wolves.

Wolves corner The Kid.

That September, when Stu Redman, Larry Underwood, Ralph Brentner and Glen Bateman head to Las Vegas to confront Flagg, they encounter the remains of The Kid (whom they dub "the Wolfman") and try to deduce how he met his grisly end.

By his thinness they guess he lasted in the car about a week. After managing to shoot several wolves he had tried to make a break for it and opened the passenger door.  One wolf had torn out his throat, but The Kid has managed to strangle the beast before he died.

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