Edie Inksetter as The Hostess

" "Make it a wonderful day. Kill him. Kill Him. Kill him. Kill Him. Kill Him. Kill Him. Well done Henry! Kill them all. Kill them all! KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL!" "
—-The Hostess to Henry Bowers, as he murders his father.[source]

The Hostess is a adult who appears in the 2017 film adaptation of IT.

Television Show

This character's death remains a mystery, but some people assume that this was an adult who was murdered by IT. She hosts the mysterious television show that all adults in Derry are seen watching. As Oscar "Butch" Bowers is asleep, the television is on. The Hostess begins talking to Henry Bowers, and urging him to murder his father.

The Hostess's show also has a group of missing kids, who usually join in on the chants. The chants are almost always about the sewers, floating, and, in Henry's case, the murder of a parental figure.  She is seen with: Dorsey Corcoran, Esther Sinclair, and unidentified others.

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