The Good Brother

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The Good Brother is the fifth episode of the Apple TV+ adaptation of Lisey's Story. It aired on June 25, 2021.


Scott takes Lisey back to when she first learned about Boo’ya Moon and reveals the horrifying truth about his family’s past.


Jim read one of Scott’s unpublished stories in bed and calls the Prof to tell him how amazing it is. He claims he never laid a finger on Lisey and Dashmiel begs him to stay away from her.

In a flashback, Lisey talks to Scott when he was non responsive in his office. She screams “Help me” over and over at him. She turns on the faucet and goes to Boo'ya Moon herself and sees Paul’s grave.

Later on, in the flashback, back at their house, Lisey and Scott talk about what happened to Paul. Scott tells her that “Paul was in the bad” and that his father showed him mercy by killing him.

In a flashback to Scott’s childhood, Paul started attacking Scott so his father ran in to knock Paul out. Paul scratches Scott and his father tells Scott he has the bad in him now. “You’re fucked” he says. The two of them drag Paul outside and tie him up. Paul screams and tries to get away. Scott’s father tells Scott that it’s not Paul in there anymore. Scott cries and his father tries to comfort him before they walk up to Paul with chains.

In a later flashback, Scott tells Lisey that Paul spent the last few weeks of his life on the floor of the barn chained up. He tells her how the “bad” had gone to Paul’s brain and it was too late to let it out with a blood bool.

In another flashback from Scott’s childhood, Paul begs Scott to let him free. He promises to make him the best, longest bool ever. Scott looked like he was considering it before his father comes up behind him and tells him to plug his ears to ignore Paul. They go to feed him and Paul starts screeching again.

Later on, Scott and his father give Paul food laced with ketamine. After Paul passes out, Scott’s father gives Scott a horse tranquilizer to take with him while he tries to carry Paul’s body to Boo’ya Moon. Paul, who has now started to transform into a monster, wakes up and attacks Scott so Scott’s father shoots Paul.

The next morning, Scott and his father go to look at Paul’s lifeless body and Scott tells his father he can take him to Boo’ya Moon now. Scott buried him next to the Sweetheart tree because the soil there is soft.

In present, Lisey says out loud, “It’s Amanda. It’s not Dooley, it’s Amanda.”

In another flashback, when Lisey is inside Boo’ya Moon on her own, she finds Scott sitting near the lake. She tells Scott he has to help her to get them back home. Scott tells Lisey she needs to go back. Everyone tells Lisey to be quiet or “he” he will come. They tell her to go. Lisey leaves and takes the blanket off his back. Eventually, Scott runs after her and tells her to concentrate to bring them both home. She gets them home before the Long Boy can reach them.

In present, Lisey remembers Scott telling her “water is better”. She texts Darla, “I may be able to help Amanda.” Lisey asks Darla to come over to her house at 9. Lisa grabs the shovel and fills a backpack with things. She walks into the pool.

Amanda whispers, “Lisey, be careful.”





If you ever need to go, remember, water is better.Scott to Lisey


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