"The Fourth Hand" is the ninth episode of Under the Dome, airing on CBS on 19 August 2013.

The episode was written by Daniel Truly, and directed by Roxann Dawson.


Angie has a seizure; a woman from Big Jim’s past shows up at his house; Joe and Norrie make a discovery in Joe’s barn.

"Chester's Mill is a place like any other. At least it used to be. Until we were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious Dome. Invisible; indestructible; and completely inescapable. We don't know where it came from or why it's here, but now that we're all trapped under the dome together, none of our secrets are safe."
Julia Shumway

In the forest, Julia leads Barbie to the miniature dome, and Barbie theorizes that the egg is projecting the Dome around Chester's Mill in the same way that a planetarium projects stars; instead of finding the miniature dome, however, they only a small pit in the ground. Barbie receives a radio call from Linda concerning shots fired on Greenway Street, and Barbie hurries back to town while Julia resolves to find the egg.

At the McAlister residence, Joe and Norrie chase after chickens while discussing what "the monarch will be crowned" might mean, and Joe theorizes that the phrase may be related to the swarm of monarch butterflies that was drawn to the Dome four days before. Norrie suggests returning to the miniature dome in order to learn more.

At the Sweetbriar Rose, Rennie arrives and informs Angie that he brokered a deal with the town's farmers for meat and vegetables in exchange for "goods and services." Angie informs Rennie that she intends to keep the diner open for business, and requests the deed; Rennie agrees to "give it some thought."

At Greenway Street, Barbie arrives to find Mr. Feldman, who was grazed when his neighbor Ted Utley fired warning shots to scare off a man who appeared on his doorstep "ranting that he had to hide from the voices coming from the Dome"; inside Utley's house, Barbie and Linda find and subdue a frantic drug addict, Larry, who admits that he's actually suffering withdraw from a drug called "Rapture," which Lester Coggins had sold to him.

At the Sweetbriar Rose, Junior arrives, but Angie demands that he leave before suffering a sudden seizure and mumbling that "the pink stars are falling in lines."

At the Rennie residence, Jim returns to find the front door open and discovers Maxine Seagrave waiting in his living room.

On the road, Angie wakes in the back of a squad car driven by Junior, and panicks before realizing that he has driven her home.

Inside the McAlister residence, Julia informs Joe and Norrie that the miniature dome has disappeared, and the three resolve the find it; Angie arrives, and admits that she had a seizure at the diner, and discovers that Joe and Norrie had identical seizures before Norrie spots the butterfly tattoo on Angie's shoulder; Norrie suggests to Joe that Angie may be "the monarch who will be crowned," but Joe points out that Angie's tattoo is blue and yellow rather than orange. Norrie then suggests borrowing Dodee's yagi antenna, and Julia offers to talk to Dodee.

At the Rennie residence, Maxine admits that she got trapped in Chester's Mill while visiting from West Lake, and that she has been squatting in empty house for the last eight days. She questions Rennie about problems with their arrangement to produce and distribute Rapture, and Rennie assures her that "Duke and Coggins aren't a problem anymore"; Maxine claims that she and Rennie should act on the opportunity created by the crisis in Chester's Mill.

At Coggins' mortuary, Barbie and Linda break in and search the building before discovering equipment inside a casket. Linda also finds a handwritten recipe, which includes liquid propane as an ingredient.

At the WYBS station building, Dodee stands in for Phil while the DJ recovers from his gunshot wound before Julia arrives to request the yagi antenna. Dodee admits that the antenna stopped working when Joe and Norrie touched the Dome, insisting that she doesn't trust the teenagers though she hasn't told anyone else about the connection between the two.

At the town hall, Linda and Barbie return to find Rennie, and explain that Larry broke into Utley's house; Rennie suggests that Linda consider confiscating the townspeople's firearms, questioning whether Chester's Mill can still be considered part of the United States anymore given its isolation. Rennie offers to propose a firearm turn-in program, and Linda agrees on the condition that the program is strictly voluntary and temporary; Barbie offers to help collect firearms, but admits to Linda that he only wants to figure out what Rennie's real plans are.

At the WYBS station building, Rennie announces the voluntary firearm turn-in program, instructing interested citizens to drop off their weapons at the Sweetbriar Rose, and offering extra food and propane as an incentive for participation.

At the town hall, Linda and Junior listen to Rennie's broadcast.

At her home, Andrea listens to Rennie's broadcast.

On the road, Maxine listens to Rennie's broadcast in her car, stowing a handgun in her glove compartment.

At the McAlister residence, Joe shows Norrie childhood photographs before Julia returns and explains that the yagi is broken, and Norrie suggests using Truman to search for the miniature dome.

At the town hall, Linda leaves to investigate the propane warehouse, while Angie arrives to ask Junior what made him think that the Dome was making her sick. Junior offers to show Angie , and she reluctantly agrees.

At the Sweetbriar Rose, townspeople turn in rifles and handguns; Dres tells Rennie that Utley said that Rennie would have to kill him to take his guns, and Rennie explains to Barbie that Utley's wife and child died when they crashed into the Dome. Rennie reclaims his sidearm and heads for Utley's house on the pretense that Utley poses a threat, and Barbie offers to accompany him as back-up.

In the forest, Joe, Norrie and Julia follow Truman, while Norrie theorizes that the miniature dome may have vanished entirely; Julia insists that the Dome must have a rational explanation.

At the propane storage facility, Linda arrives to find the shed doors locked, and encounters Grinnell, who explains that she saw Boomer's truck blow up two days before, and that she has witnessed "a lot of other trucks coming and going...the past couple of months." She claims to have told Duke about what she saw, and leaves after urging Linda to talk to Julia. Linda spots a security camera, and opts to shoot the lock off the shed door, discovering dozens of massive propane tanks inside the building.

At the Utley residence, Rennie and Barbie arrive and come under immediate fire, emptying out of the vehicle to approach the house.

At the Rennie residence, Junior and Angie enter Junior's mother's abandoned art studio, where Junior explains that shortly ebfore his mother died, she had a dream after which she created a painting of a boy on a hill beneath a sky filled with pink stars.

At the Utley residence, Barbie circles the house while Rennie enters, finding Utley in his bedroom surrounded by his collection of rifles and shotguns; Rennie holsters his sidearm as Barbie takes up a position from outside with a line of sight into the bedroom. Citing the deaths of his wife and son, Ted claims that he refuses to lose anything else, revealing a grenade in his hand. Rennie assures Ted that things will get better, but Ted pulls the pin on the grenade; Rennie tackles him, takes the grenade, and reinserts the pin to disarm the explosive. Rennie escorts Ted to the Clinic, and congratulates Barbie on remaining calm.

At the propane storage facility, Linda breaks into an office and retrieves the security camera archive, searching the footage until she spots Duke meeting with a woman outside the shed.

In Pauline's studio, Angie and Junior examine the Pink Stars painting, and Junior theorizes that his mother knew nine years ago that the Dome would appear; he becomes convinced that Angie's seizure is related to his mother's painting, insisting that he and Angie are connected through something larger than themselves.

At the Sweetbriar Rose, Barbie and Rennie pack up the last of the weapons as Maxine arrives; she congratulates Rennie on the turn-in program, then approaches Barbie and kisses him, admitting to Rennie that she and Barbie "know each other."

At the McAlister residence, Joe, Norrie and Truman return before the dog charges toward the barn, barking and growling at the building. They head to the barn, finding the miniature dome inside, still containing the egg as well as the dirt in which the dome had once been buried.

At the Sweetbriar Rose, Barbie and Rennie argue before Maxine offers to include Barbie in her and Rennie's "plan for Chester's Mill"; Barbie initially resists the arrangement, but Maxine threatens to reveal both men's secrets, and they both reluctantly agree. Maxine instructs Rennie to deliver the collected weapons to the abandoned Sanders Cement Works; Barbie warns Maxine against carrying out her plans with Rennie, refusing to go along with them until Maxine threatens to tell Julia that Barbie murdered her husband.

In the McAlister's barn, Angie finds Joe and Norrie standing over the miniature dome, and explains that Joe brought the miniature dome to the barn after leaving the house "all zombie-like" at three o'clock that morning.

At the Shumway residence, Julia voices her doubts to Barbie that the Dome has a rational explanation, suggesting that they stop looking for answers that may not exist. They kiss before Julia heads to bed, while Barbie remains awake.

At the Rennie residence, Junior leaves Pauline's studio and discovers the fallout shelter open, spotting his father inside with half-a-dozen of the confiscated rifles along with Utley's hand grenade.

In the McAlister's barn, Norrie theorizes that Joe retrieved the miniature dome because no one else was meant to know about it, and Angie touches the dome's surface, activating a blue glow. Joe and Norrie join her, touching the invisible barrier, and Norrie suggests that the surface is a lock and their hands are the keys; moments later, a fourth palmprint appears on the barrier, and Angie proposes finding the person who matches the fourth hand.




Guest Starring



  • Raheen Babalola as Ted
  • Evan Gamble as Larry
  • Ray Stoney as Dres Johnson
  • Matthew Cornwall as Male Customer


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