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The Falcon was a bar run by Elmer Curtie that became a popular gay bar, unknown to Curtie for some time. Curtie opened the bar in 1973 hoping to service bus-riders as it is close to a 3-way terminal. Due to the fact that mostly families, bums, or those who couldn't drink much on a bus layover, the bar was struggling by 1977. He resigned to ditch the bar if service didnt improve by the summer of that year, which it surprisingly did. He did not realize, however, that his new clientele were gay men until 1981. There were wide spread rumors in Derry about the explicit activity that happened there, though the in-town clientele knew how under the radar they had to be and acted so.

In It, Adrian Mellon and Don Hagarty are patrons of the bar, meeting there in March 1984. It is decorated with taxidermy of birds courtesy of Curties’ late brother, and painted black and gold.


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