"The Endless Thirst" is the sixth episode of Under the Dome, airing on CBS on 29 July 2013.

The episode was written by Soo Hugh and directed by Kari Skogland.


Store looting becomes a problem when the townspeople worry that water and food are running out.

"Chester's Mill is a place like any other. At least it used to be. Until we were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious Dome. Invisible; indestructible; inescapable. We don't know where it came from or why it's here, but now that we're all trapped under the dome together, none of our secrets are safe."
Julia Shumway

At the barrier, Joe, Norrie, Ollie and the townspeople find the Dome unharmed by the missile strike. Barbie, Julia and Rennie arrive with Carolyn and Alice, and Linda informs Rennie that Coggins has died. Ollie and Andrea raises concerns over the town's diminishing resources; Rennie suggests a town hall meeting, but Ollie rejects the idea. Alice, Carolyn, Norrie and Joe leave as Linda's police radio begins emitting static; she offers Barbie a ride back to town, and deputizes him though he refuses to accept a badge. Rennie promises the townspeople that no one will starve. At the McAlister residence, Junior reminds Angie that he's a deputy and promises to take care of her; Angie attacks Junior, breaking a snowglobe over his head and fleeing. In town, Carolyn pulls over when Alice becomes overheated and disoriented; Alice steps into the road and nearly gets hit by a King's Appliance truck that swerves into the base of a water tower, shattering a pipe. Joe and Norrie pull the truck driver free as water rushes out of the tower.

At the water tower, Linda and Barbie arrive, and Barbie learns that Chester's Mill draws its water from Lake East Point. Carolyn discovers that Alice has run out of insulin, and they head for the Chester's Mill Clinic with Joe and Norrie. At the WYBS station building, Julia finds Phil working to eliminate a burst of static that is blocking the station's broadcast; Phil theorizes that the interference is coming from inside Chester's Mill, and Dodee explains that she has a built a yagi antenna to triangulate the source of the static. Linda and Barbie discuss Julia and Rusty as they approach Lake East Point, where they find hundreds of dead fish along the shoreline. At the Clinic, Nurse Adams informs Carolyn that both the medical center and Dee's Pharmacy have run out of insulin. At town hall, Linda informs Rennie of the accident at the water tower; when Rennie suggests bringing in water from Lake East Point, Barbie pours a sample of the Lake's water into a glass and lights it on fire, explaining that the water is flammable because it is contaminated with methane. Rennie shows them a map of several artesian wells throughout the town, indicating one on the property of Ollie Dinsmore before offering to speak with Dinsmore himself. In the forest, Angie flees. At town hall, Junior arrives to inform his father that Angie has escaped, and Rennie orders his son to "do [his] own damage control." In town, Linda and Barbie spot an agitated crowd outside a store whose owner is refusing to accept cash; Linda calms the townspeople, affirming her faith in "the goodness of people [she] serve[s]" before offering Barbie a handgun. Barbie declines, claiming that the townspeople are merely scared, and Linda admits that she is as well.

At Dinsmore's farm, Rennie arrives to ask that Ollie share his water supply with the town, appealing to Ollie's "sense of civic pride." Ollie resists Rennie's request until Rennie offers to trade the town's reserve of propane in exchange for clean water; Ollie agrees. On the road, Junior searches for Angie. In the forest, Angie spots Junior's squad car and flees. In town, Linda and Barbie meet up with Carter, and Junior arrives to provide back-up at the Food Mart, where an agitated crowd is stocking up on supplies. Junior spots Waylon and Clint Dundee shoplifting, and Linda breaks up a fight between two women. At the Clinic, Alice rests in bed, while Norrie and Joe begin searching the medical facility for records on the town's other diabetics. On the road, Julia and Dodee track the source of the static, until Dodee discovers that the source is moving. In town, Angie arrives at the Food Mart; she spots Junior and is spotted by him before fleeing to the Sweetbriar Rose where she finds Rose Twitchell and describes her captivity in the Rennie's fallout shelter. Rose informs Angie that Joe is safe, and assures the girl that she belives her story. At the Garcia residence, Norrie and Joe shatter and window and prepare to break in as Ray Garcia appears and holds the teenagers at gunpoint. Norrie insists that Alice need insulin, but Ray explains that he already used his last dose; Ray orders the teenagers to leave his property. At the Food Mart, the crowd begins rioting, charging the store, shattering the windows, and looting the shelves; the deputies struggle to maintain order, and Barbie is attacked by a man who then flees. Barbie pursues the man into the streets, catches him and beats him, nearly suffocating the man before Linda intervenes. At the Sweetbriar Rose, Waylon and Clint break into the diner; Rose attempts to defend herself with a baseball bat as Waylon attacks her and Clint attacks Angie, but Waylon disarms Rose and beats her to death with the bat. Angie breaks free of Clint and attacks Waylon, but Waylon throws her off and knocks her unconscious.

In town, Linda and Carter drive as looters rush through the street, meeting up with Barbie and Junior, and the four of them attempt to scatter the crowd with canisters of tear gas. On the road, Julia and Dodee temporarily lose the static source signal, but find it again to discover that it is nearby. At another house, Norrie and Joe enter and find insulin in the refrigerator before encountering a young boy and discovering that he is diabetic; Norrie returns all but one dose of insulin to the refrigerator, and the teenagers flee the house as the boy's mother returns home. On the street outside, the two decide to return to the Clinic; moments later, they are approached by Julia and Dodee, and Dodee realizes that the static is originating from Norrie and Joe themselves. At the Dinsmore farm, Rennie returns with two massive tanks of propane and informs Ollie that townspeople will soon arrive to get water. Ollie demands further weekly propane shipments, and threatens to kill Rennie if Rennie attempts to seize Dinsmore's property. At the Sweetbriar Rose, Waylon and Clint take meat from the storeroom, until Waylon orders Clint to stand guard outside before approaching Angie's unconscious body. On the street, Dodee explains that the static appears to be originating from Norrie and Joe, and Joe admits that he and Norrie have both experienced seizures, and shows Julia and Dodee the cellphone video of his and Norrie's experiment during which they mumbled that "pink stars are falling in lines." At the Food Mart, rioters fight and flee; the deputies struggle to gian control, and Barbie spots Clint outside the Sweetbriar Rose, approaching him as Clint flees. Barbie enters the Diner to find Rose dead and Waylon standing over Angie; Barbie attacks Waylon, beating him and choking him out before carrying Angie's unconscious body out of the diner. Outside, Barbie informs Linda that Rose is dead and tries to take Angie to the Clinic before spotting Linda's car with its tires slashed. Men fight in the middle of the street, and Linda pulls her gun to fire at them just before a heavy rain begins to fall. The rioters calm as Rennie arrives, ordering the townspeople to retrieve buckets and trashcans to collect the rainwater.

Barbie loads Angie into Rennie's car and informs Jim that Rose was murdered; Rennie orders Linda and Barbie to find Waylon Dundee, then leaves with Angie. At the barrier, Julia, Dodee, Norrie and Joe arrive to discover that no rain is falling outside the Dome; Dodee theorizes that the Dome has created its own microclimate, and explains that the evaporation process filters the water, making it drinkable. As Norrie touches the Dome and Joe grabs her hand, the radio in Julia's car begins working as the static interference vanishes. Norrie and Joe head for the Clinic, while Julia and Dodee return to Julia's car where Julia theorizes that Norrie and Joe are being used by the Dome. Dodee insists that they tell Rennie about Norrie and Joe, but Julia argues that they must not tell anyone until they know more; Dodee reluctantly agrees. In town, the townspeople collect rainwater. At the Clinic, Norrie and Joe deliver the dose of insulin to Alice; Norrie worries about her mother's next dose, but Carolyn urges her to be happy for the moment. In town, Barbie walks the street in the rain until he is approached by Julia in her car; they discuss the riots before hugging, then kiss before heading back to Julia's car. At the Rennie residence, Angie wakes on a couch, and Rennie explains that Rose has died. Rennie informs Angie that she is free to leave, but offers her an "arrangement"; he promises to keep Junior away from Angie, and to provide Angie with any supplies she may need, in exchange for her silence; Angie accepts on the condition that Joe "be taken care of" as well, and Rennie agrees. Junior returns home soon after, and is confused to find his father with Angie.




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