The Dark Half is the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name. The film stars Timothy Hutton as Thad Beaumont and George Stark. It was directed by George A. Romero. In its opening week The Dark Half ranked in the Box Office charts at number 6, gathering a total of $3,250,883 from 1,563 theatres. Critics gave mixed and positive reviews of the film.


  • Timothy Hutton - Thad Beaumont / George Stark
  • Amy Madigan - Liz Beaumont
  • Michael Rooker - Sheriff Alan Pangborn
  • Julie Harris - Reggie Delesseps
  • Robert Joy - Fred Clawson
  • Kent Broadhurst - Mike Donaldson
  • Beth Grant - Shayla Beaumont
  • Rutanya Alda - Miriam Cowley
  • Larry John Meyers - Dr. Pritchard
  • Patrick Brannan - Young Thad Beaumont
  • Royal Dano - Digger Holt
  • Glenn Colerider - Homer Gamache
  • Sarah Parker - Wendy Beaumont / William Beaumont
  • Elizabeth Parker - Wendy Beaumont / William Beaumont
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