The Black Party happened in the year 1999 in the house of Mark Bing in Chamberlain, Maine.

The party had the purpose to celebrate the success of the football team of Bates High School with all the corresponding implications. It is here, where the football team and the cheerleaders under the leadership of Mark Bing set Rachel Lang up to humiliate her to the core in their vengeance for having acted against them because of their sex game and because she was dating Jesse Ryan. They didn't know, however, that she had telekinetic abilities and therefore their plan had terrible consequences, because then, in her vengeance and insanity for the horrible humiliation and the wicked behavior of everyone involved, she kills almost everyone of them and burns the house to the ground.

The Black Party

Jesse later arrives hoping to save Rachel when she tells him she knows about everything when a plank of wood falls down on her as she throws Jesse off the top stairs in to the swimming pool as Rachel slowly dies of her injuries.





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