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Thaddeus "Thad" Beaumont is the son of Shayla and Glen Beaumont, the husband of Elizabeth Beaumont, and the father of Wendy and William Beaumont. He is the author of cerebral literary fiction, and writes gritty crime fiction under the pseudonym of George Stark. He lives in Ludlow, Maine and has a summer home in Castle Rock, Maine.

In Needful Things, Thad is mentioned. Alan Pangborn remembers how Thad would get drunk and call him. He also remembers how Thad's wife took the twins and left him.

In Bag of Bones, Thad is mentioned by Mike Noonan. Mike says that Thad had committed suicide.

Beaumont is an analogue to Stephen King himself; the dynamic between Beaumont and Stark is a dramatization of the dynamic between King and his own alter-ego Richard Bachman.


  • The Golden Dog
  • Purple Haze
  • The Sudden Dancers

In the film

Beaumont is portrayed by Timothy Hutton in the 1993 film.