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Terry Maitland is a man who was suspected of the gruesome murder of an eleven-year-old boy named Frankie Peterson in the novel The Outsider and its 2020 TV adaptation.


Terry Maitland is a boys Little League coach who trained many boys through his period as a coach, including Detective Ralph Anderson’s son. When enough witness reports and DNA evidence comes in indicating that Maitland killed Frankie Peterson, he is arrested by the police at a Little League game.

Maitland is shocked by the accusations and claims that he is innocent, with his wife Marcy standing by him. Unfortunately, Terry is murdered by the boy’s brother outside the courtroom, but says as he’s dying that he never killed anyone. A guilty Ralph Anderson investigates and discovers that Terry was framed by a creature. After killing the creature, Terry’s name is cleared of all charges.

TV adaptation

In the 2020 TV adaptation, Terry's character is exactly similar to that of his book counterpart. He is arrested at a baseball game much to her horror of his wife and two daughters. He denies the allegations but is taken to county lockup before his arraignment. He is verbally harassed by a fellow prisoner, which makes him uncomfortable.

In Roanake, he tells Ralph he didn't kill Frankie.

At his trial, Terry is shot by Frankie's brother Ollie and dies of his gunshot wounds.