Telekinesis is the psionic ability to move and control many objects and people with one's mind. It is also known as "TK" and less commonly refered to as psychokinesis

At least four notable characters within the Stephen King universe are known to have been in possession of abitlities that cause this sort of phenomenon. The most famous of these characters is Carrie White. Charlie McGee from Firestarter also possesses this power, in addition to her more famed power of pyrokinesis. It also posesses this power. Finally, Abra Stone from Doctor Sleep is also telekinetic, in addition to multiple other psychic powers. Rachel Lang from the sequel to Brian De Palma's Carrie also posseses this ability, and uses it for revenge, similarly to Carrie.

In Carrie

In the novel version of Carrie, telekinesis is explained as being genetic in origin. It is a recessive trait that is dominant only in women. This means that one could have the gene, but would not have the power because the gene is not dominant. This also means that men cannot be telekinetic at all, since the allele is only shows dominance in women. Margaret White 's grandmother had this ability, and she passed the gene on to her granddaughter, though it was only recessive in Margaret.

It is shown in the novel that telekinesis seems to burn energy, as Carrie's heart was beating at a rapid pace as she secretly perfected her powers, and she seems to have slimmed down some by the time of the prom. Her autopsy also says that there may have been something wrong with her heart.

It is also stated that TK usually only reveals itself in a moment of great stress or rage. Carrie first rediscovered her psionic ability after the traumatic event in gym class when she got her first period, when she thought she was bleeding to death. In the 2002 version of the film, it's also shown that inner fury and anger actually strengthens and magnifies her telekinesis greatly; achieving even more destructive telekinetic feats.

In The Rage: Carrie 2

Here, telekinesis is explained slightly differently. In the book, it is a recessive trait, but in this movie, it's passed down patrilineally, passed down from father to daughter, but like in the book, it is still only dominant in women.

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