I edit on the Marvel fandom.

I recently added the appearances on the adaptation pages. As we don't cover creator-owned content as a general rule, I'm editing the links to link to your wiki and to Wikipedia, depending on each subject.

However, given the adaptations expand the story, a number of the links don't have a corresponding page here, though don't manifest as "redlinks" in our wiki (I noticed your links are all red, both for pages and redlinks), as the interwiki links don't seems to bother.

If someone is intersted in completing on your wiki the pages, I invite you to check our pages for appearances.

Some links to your wiki might in fact need to be changed into links towards Wikipedia and vice-versa, feel free to correct it! (it is also possible that some mentioned locations are misplaced, among other possible errors, that's my first experience with Stephen King, except for Kingdom Hospital when I was like 10 years old)

Have a great day!

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