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Susan Norton is a main character in Stephen King’s novel, Salem’s Lot. She was a resident of Jerusalem's Lot, Maine, where she lived with her mother and father. Being a recent college graduate, she met and befriended author and former resident Ben Mears, who had come back to the town to recover from the loss of his wife. Eventually, she and Ben became close lovers and struck up a relationship. However, Susan became aware of the idea of vampires in Salem’s Lot, a sought to track down Kurt Barlow in the Marsten House, alongside Mark Petrie.


Susan Nortan was born in 1951, the year of the big fire.[1]

She has read his novel Conway's Daughter, and obtained a BA from Boston University. An Art major, English minor.

In the Story

While at the park, reading a library copy of Ben's novel Air Dance, she spots Ben on September 16, 1975. She recognizes him from the book jacket. He comes over and asks if they are acquainted. She shows him the book and asks him to sign it for her. He notes it is a library book and out of print, but she says she will buy this copy from the library then buy another from a book dealer as a replacement. Ben signs it, calling Susan the prettiest girl in the park. They later go for a drink. She dreams of moving out of Jerusalem's Lot to New York City, mostly to escape her parent's gaze. She also doesn't feel that the Lot has much to offer.

Soon she and Ben enter a passionate romantic affair. Susan's father likes and approves of Ben, unlike her mother who wishes for Susan to make up with an old boyfriend of hers. But Susan remains loyal to Ben, and later joins him and his other friends when they realize vampires are overtaking the town.

Susan accompanies Mark Petrie to the Marsten House with the intention of killing vampire Kurt Barlow. Unfortunately Susan is caught and turned into a vampire. She is later staked by Ben, the man who loved her.


She is described as having a very pretty face, with light blond hair.[2] She has a tanned and muscular neck and a good figure. [3] She also had candid blue eyes and a high, clear, tanned forehead. [4]



  1. 'I was born the year of the fire,' Susan said.
  2. She was a very pretty girl, and there was a silk scarf tied over her light blond hair.
  3. Her neck was tanned, beautifully muscled. She was wearing a colorful print shift that hinted at a good figure.
  4. She had a very pretty face, with candid blue eyes and a high, clear, tanned forehead. 'Is this town your childhood?' he asked.