Sukeena is a character from the TV miniseries Rose Red. She was the servant, and later lover, of Ellen Rimbauer. She first met Ellen when she and John Rimbauer were on their honeymoon in Africa. Ellen fell ill and John was off on a safari. Sukeena was then hired to be Ellen's personal servant and the two women grew very close, so close that when the Rimbauer's returned to Seattle and Rose Red, Sukeena accompanied them. Sukeena remained with Ellen and became a nanny to both April and Adam Rimbauer after they were born. Sukeena was the last person who saw April before she was consumed by Rose Red and John had her arrested and interrogated. That action had the result of bringing Sukeena and Ellen even closer and they both murdered John together. Sukeena was consumed by Rose Red a couple years before Ellen and became part of the entity. In 2002, when Joyce Reardon lead a team of paranormal investigators into Rose Red, Sukeena played a major role in the consuming of the psychics. Even in death, she and Ellen remained very close and were eternally united.

Sukeena was portrayed by Tsidii Le Loka in both Rose Red (2002) and The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (2003).


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