Stanley Doucette is a character in the Stephen King short story Mute.


Stanley is a hitchhiker who gets picked up on the side of the road by Monette. After Doucette pretends to be both deaf and mute, Monette starts ranting to Stanley about how his wife is cheating on him with another man. He tells about how his wife began stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the school board she worked for, and then blamed Monette after she couldn't pay it back. Monette said that she then left him and went with her lover to the nearby Grove Motel. Monette then stops at a rest stop for a bathroom break and Doucette leaves, taking the St. Christopher's medal, leaving Monette to wonder where he went.  2 weeks later Monette receives a call revealing that his wife and her lover were beat to death in the Grove Motel with a pipe wrapped in a motel towel. Doucette later mailed the St. Christopher to Monette with a note thanking him for the ride. Monette is then able to use his wife's insurance policy to pay back the money she embezzled from the school board and is secretly thankful for what Stanley had done, because he has an alibi and Doucette delivered justice.

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