Sometimes They Come Back... For More is a 1998 movie sequel to the 1996 film Sometimes They Come Back... Again, directed by Daniel Zelik Berk from a screenplay by Adam Grossman.


The movie is based in a fictional Antarctica, where the U.S. military has a secret illegal mining operation. When one of the personnel stationed at the base goes on a rampage, two military operatives are sent to investigate. Discovering two survivors, medical officer Jennifer Wells and technical officer Shebanski, the two military investigators, Sam Cage and Callie Wilson begin to search the base.

Going into the mining area of the base, the main character seems to see another survivor and proceeds to chase the survivor through the corridors. When his partner collapses because of the gases in the mine he takes her to an elevator, to discover they are on the fourth floor when they had gotten off the elevator at the second floor. Back in the main compound they discover that a body they had found in the snow had moved and was gone.


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