Slow Mutants are a form of humans that have been exposed to the pollutants of the Old Ones: mutated and bred. They have green skin that glows dimly in the dark, although in The Gunslinger Born they are shown as having human colored skin.

In The Gunslinger Born we see George Latigo using them at an oil refinery in End-World not wanting to lose good soldiers through hydrofluoric acid in burst pipes.

In The Little Sisters of Eluria, Roland encounters a band of them within the small town. They call themselves the Green Folk and are led by Ralph. The group beats Roland to the point of passing out, they also strung him up before he was saved by the Little Sisters. It is also revealed they have the ability to talk as displayed by Ralph.

In The Gunslinger, Roland and Jake encounter a group of slow mutants under the Cyclopean Mountains, after the Mohaine Desert. The slow mutants attack Roland and Jake as they travel along a set of railroad tracks in a handcart. The slow mutants display some intelligence by blocking the tracks with rocks. Roland is able to kill the slow mutants while Jake clears the track.


In Song of Susannah, some of the walk-ins that are seen in Maine are slow mutants that have escaped Roland's world.

Roland once mentioned that a group of slow mutants had even infested the kitchens of Gilead after his world had moved on.


Slow Mutants attack Roland in the Village of Eluria.


Known Slow Mutants

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