The Sleepy Silver Dollar was a bar in Derry, Maine and the site of slaughter in the late summer of 1905 by the hands of Claude Heroux. Heroux, possibly influenced by It, got revenge for the murder of his fellow Union organizers David Hartwell, Andy DeLesseps, and Amsel Bickford.

Heroux entered the bar on September 9th with a double bitted axe and attacked William Mullers men: Tinker McCutcheon, Floyd Calderwood, Lathrop "El Katook" Rounds, David "Stugley" Grenier, and Eddie King – who had been playing poker in the back of the bar. All were brutally killed save for Grenier, who escaped through an outhouse and was subsequently run out of town as a laughingstock. After the slaughter, Heroux sat at the mens table until the cops arrived to take him to jail. That night after word spread, men broke into the jail and lynched Claude on an old elm tree over the Canel. Claude was apparently vacant, and didn't fight the men at all.

During the slaughter however, no man at the bar did anything to stop or even react to it. After the fact it is said they didn't want to get involved, like with politics or business – since it was started due to Union organizing. A clown was also recalled to be at the bar, entertaining other men there.

Mike Hanlon is told this story in 1980s by a man who was at the bar. He comments that this is likely the event triggering the violent cycle that ends with the event at Kitchener Ironworks in 1906.


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