Ithaca 37 a pump action shotgun

A Shotgun is a type of gun usually used by Riot police as non-lethal weapons when loaded with rubber bullets. However, the shotgun is arguably the most lethal civillian weapon when loaded with buckshot shells, which are shells filled with gunpowder and lead ballbearings, capable of killing someone with just one shot.


A double-barreled shotgun similar to the one used by Will Darnell.

The Shotgun is most popular with hunters, but they are also used by the military and civillians for personal defense. Shotguns are notorious for their power as well as how dangerous they can be when their barrels are sawn nearly completely off, a felony under the National Firearms Act. Shotguns can be double-barreled, where the gun has two triggers and two barrels, available either stacked upwards or side-by-side. There are also lever-action shotguns, invented by gun legend John Browning, as well as single barreled. They can also be operated by break action, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, or the most common, Pump action, which is operated when a wooden pump is racked, loading the shotgun shells, which are stacked inside a magazine tube, into the chamber.

Remington 870 Express shotgun. Same model used by Tom Noonan as the serial killer Francis "The Tooth Fairy" Dolarhyde in "Manhunter" (1986)



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