Sheila Bonsaint LeClaire (d. May 2008) is the sister of Dr. John Bonsaint, the wife of Donald LeClaire, and the mother of Seth LeClaire. She is a character in the novella N.


In her youth, she tagged along with her brother and his friend Charlie, on whom she had a significant crush. After her brother's death in May of 2008, she found his case notes and manuscript related to N. and read them before forwarding them on to Charlie. She later found the key to the locked chain that barred the road to Ackerman's Field in her brother's desk drawer and ventured out to the field, where she inherited the responsibility of maintaining the stone circle it contains. She soon began to suffer the same obsessive-compulsion that struck both N. and her brother, and ultimately followed in both of their footsteps when she fell to her death from the Bale Road Bridge in May of 2008.

Her death was announced in the Chester's Mill Democrat on 1 June 2008 in an article by Julia Shumway.


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