Sharon Denbrough was a minor character in the horror novel, It. Married to Zack Denbrough, she was the mother of Bill and George Denbrough. An avid pianist who graduated from Julliard, she would often play Beethoven’s infamous “Fur Elise” to her children. While Sharon was generally fond of classical music, her outlook towards the more modern genre was rather less favorable. She in particular disliked rock and roll (going as far as “abominating” it).

Following the gruesome death of her younger son George in 1957, she grew more and more socially reclusive towards her family.

In It (1990), Sharon died from unknown causes sometime during the mid-1980’s.

In It (2017 film), Sharon is played by Pip Dwyer. She was playing the Piano before Georgie plays outside. After Georgie's death, She is being upset and Zack orders Bill to put away his hamster's tunnel before she could see it. In Deleted Scenes, during the Denbrough's dinner, Bill dissolves to his parents about going on a vacation, Sharon however, is still mad and break the plate and leaves the kitchen. After Bill and the Losers' defeated IT, Sharon look at Bill's palm and the Denbrough have decided on leaving Derry for vacation. Sharon forgives her son Bill by kissing him and decided to make a new memories.

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