Scott Landon is a main character in Stephen King's story, Lisey's Story. In the 2021 Apple TV+ miniseries, he is portrayed by Clive Owen.


Scott had a very loving and caring personality, as was demonstrated through his relationship with his wife, Lisey. Scott also showed that he was caring by helping take care of Lisey’s sister, Amanda.

Scott was a friendly guy who seemed to get along with most people. He was a very respected author and had a lot of admirers. Scott was also very generous and gave a lot back to his town- including paying for a new library.


Scott was tall and built. He had short dark brown hair.


Lisey's Story Book

Scott "Scooter" Landon (d. 2004) was the son of Andrew Landon, the brother of Paul Landon, and the husband of Lisa Debusher.

In 1988, he was shot by Gerd Allen Cole while breaking ground for the Shipman Library at the University of Tennessee.

Lisey's Story (2021 Miniseries)

In the beginning of the miniseries, Scott has already passed away and only appears in visions or memories from Lisey, his widow.

Scott was a very famous author before his death. He was married to Lisey Landon and they had a seemingly happy marriage.

Bool Hunt

In Lisey’s memories, Scott was shot by a man at a construction site for a library Scott was funding. The man who shot him told Scott that he messed with his mind. Scott went to the hospital but insisted to Lisey that “Landons are fast healers” and seemed to make a recovery, according to the nurse that Lisey spoke with.

In other memories of Lisey’s, Scott tries to tell Lisey about his visions. He told her that his books and stories come from these visions.

In a flashback, Scott helps Lisey’s sister Amanda after she has a manic episode. He tells Amanda “this is just between us” and he puts his mouth on hers to release a stream of water from a special pool. He then tells Amanda that they need to talk about Lisey, presumably telling her about the treasure hunt that Amanda mentions later.

Scott appears in another one of Lisey’s dreams at their wedding party. He tells Lisey in the dream that she is on a “bool hunt” and that she must first take care of her sister.

Blood Bool

In a flashback, Scott calls Lisey to tell her that he sold his first book and wants to take her out to dinner. However, he has a few drinks with a colleague and shows up very late which infuriates Lisey. Scott promises to “fix” this and runs outside to start banging his arm on a window.

Scott remembers a time in his life when his dad was screaming at him. His dad tells him “Go to Boo’ya Moon” and mutters to himself that “they don’t just shut up”. Scott’s arm is bleeding and Scott tells her he fixed it and that “it’s for you, Lisey”. He explains what a “blood bool” is but Lisey is confused. In the flashback, Scott tells Lisey he wants to get married and she agrees.

Under the Yum-Yum Tree

In a flashback, Scott and Lisey go to The Antlers Inn where they were the only guests. They sit under a large tree and Scott opens up to Lisey about his childhood and his visions - how they’re real and how he just writes about them. He tells Lisey how his father would abuse he and his brother Paul, but Paul in particular to “let out the bad”. He would cut them in what he called “blood bools”. Under the tree, Scott sobbed to Lisey about how much he loved and misses his brother.

Jim Dandy

In a flashback, Scott tells Lisey more about Boo’ya Moon and how he and Paul would go there to heal their wounds. One time, the Long Boy wounded Paul, which marked Paul and Scott forever. Scott admits that he can feel the Long Boy in his mind sometimes and that he feels connected to the monster.

Scott’s Books=

Scott wrote The Coasters Daughter, Relics, Empty Devils, Outlaws Honeymoon, and The Secret Pearl. He was the recipient of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

References from Scott’s Books in the Stephen King Universe


"You’re my heart, kiddo"
―Scott to Lisey in Blood Bool
"All Landons are fast healers. We had to be."
―Scott in Blood Bool
"I never loved anyone that much until I met you"
―Scott to Lisey, talking about Paul, in Under the Yum-Yum Tree


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