Sandra "Sandy" Beals was played by Nada Despotovich in Storm of the Century.


She was the wife of the town's mayor Robbie Beals and, together, they had a child. His name is Donny Beals. She had a good relationship with Molly Anderson, the wife of the Constable  and, before the storm began, she had decided to break with her husband in the spring and leave the island.

When André Linoge appears and commits his crimes, including murders, in order to coerce the town into giving him one of their child freely, she decided to play along with the demand like the rest of the townspeople. After the events regarding Linoge, however, she could no longer divorce her husband. Still, she also couldn´t bear to be with him knowing, also from Linoge, that he is corrupt, has a heartless streak and that he was with a hooker instead of being with his mother, when she was about to die. 

Years later she therefore commited suicide by jumping right into the ocean one day.

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