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Samantha Bushey (d. 24 Oct 2012) was the wife of Phil Bushey, the mother of Little Walter Bushey, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. She was friends with Dodee Sanders. She lived in a trailer on Motton Road, and both smoked and sold marijuana. On Dome Day, she and Sanders tortured Bratz dolls, got high in her trailer, and had sex.

On 21 October 2012, she attended the joint protest/prayer-group in the field of Dinsmore's farm, and was groped by Frank DeLesseps. Later that night, she was raped by DeLesseps, Melvin Searles, and Carter Thibodeau while Georgia Roux watched.

On the 22nd, she tried to walk to the Health Center, but collapsed on the road. She was found by Piper Libby, who drove her to Catherine Russell Hospital, where she was treated by Ginny Tomlinson and Rusty Everett.

On the 24th, Bushey left the Hospital and was picked up by Alden Dinsmore, who drove her to Jack Evans' house in Eastchester. Bushey broke into the house and took Evans' handgun, then returned to the Hospital where she shot and killed DeLesseps and Roux in Roux's hospital room. Shortly afterwards, she took the gun to herself. Her estranged husband, informed of her death, came to the hospital to claim the body, scaring the nurses present.