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Rosie Diana McClendon Steiner (b. 1962) is the daughter of Craig McClendon, the ex-wife of Norman Daniels, the wife of Bill Steiner, The daughter of Craig Mclendon, and the mother of Caroline Daniels and Pamela Steiner. She is a meek abused woman and the main character and protagonist of the book Rose Madder.  

Rose Madder

Rose McClendon married police officer Norman Daniels in 1980, just weeks out of high-school and Norman first abused Rose on their wedding night by biting her. In 1983, her mother, father, and brother were killed in a car crash. By 1985, she became pregnant with his daughter, but in a rage Norman beat her so badly that she miscarried. She stayed with Daniels until 1994, when the sight of a single drop of blood prompted her to leave him.

After withdrawing $350 from their savings account, McClendon rode a bus to a midwestern city eight-hundred miles from Daniels. There, she encountered Peter Slowik at a Travelers Aid booth at the bus station, and was directed by him to the Daughters and Sisters shelter on Durham Avenue. She became lost along the way, but managed to find the shelter, where she was admitted because of a business card that Slowik had signed for her. After sleeping for six hours, McClendon ate, then met with the shelter's manager, Anna Stevenson, who offered Rose a place at the shelter for a minimum of eight weeks. McClendon accepted.

She began working at the Whitestone Hotel with Pamela Haverford, and visiting The Hot Pot. Within a few weeks, she happened across Liberty City Loan & Pawn, where she met Bill Steiner and found the painting Rose Madder; she also met Rob Lefferts, who offered her a job reading books for audio-recording with Tape Engine. She later discovered a woman inside the painting, which is a gateway to another world. She gets to know the woman in the painting, often retreating to the comforting world inside, as well as forming a relationship with Bill. However, Norman, enraged at her desertion, tracks her down, and attempts to kill her when she flees into the painting, only for the woman in the painting to save her life by killing Norman. She tells the woman that she is forever indebted to her and leaves to continue her new life with Bill.



"I'm Really Rosie and I'm Rosie Real"


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