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Rose the Hat is the main antagonist of the book Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, and the secondary antagonist its 2019 film adaptation of the same name. She is the leader of The True Knot. As a rube, she was known as Rose O'Hara, and was from County Antrim in Northern Ireland[1].


She has a relationship with her second-in-command Crow Daddy, but it doesn't seem exclusive, as she also sleeps with Snakebite Andi. She is often described as powerfully beautiful, six feet tall with high cheek bones and wide set eyes, though at times she only has one long tooth on top. Her titular hat is also referenced as staying a top her head at odd angles despite gravity.

It is her idea, as the leader, to capture Abra Stone and keep her as a steam "milk cow" rather than killing her and canning her steam, as she believes they wouldn't even have enough canisters for all the steam she could give.

She is killed after pushed off the Roof O' the World (where the Overlook Hotel once stood) by Danny Torrance and Abra Stone, with some help from the ghost of Jack Torrance. At Abra's insistence, Dan burns her hat to ashes due to the black magic it carries. In the film adaptation, she is killed when Dan lets the many ghosts he has locked up from the Overlook out and they, having been starving in his mind for years, consume her. Her hat is burned as the hotel catches fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Astral Projection - The power to project the consciousness of oneself from the body
  • Telepathy - The power to read and project thoughts. she can do this in astral form as well.
  • Memory Reading - The power to read a target's memories. This is possibly a sub power of her telepathy
  • Psychic Detection - User can sense the presence of psychic powers and possibly gain detailed understanding about them, including their type, quality and intensity. She first displayed this power when Abra was playing Abracadabra with her parents and she telekinetically dropped all the spoons in the kitchen.



  • She was once known as "Irish Rose," long before she was leader of the True Knot[2]
  • She drives an EarthCruiser

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