Rory Dinsmore

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Rory Dinsmore (d. 22 Oct 2012) was the son of Shelley and Alden Dinsmore, the younger brother of Ollie Dinsmore, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. He was highly intelligent, regularly bringing home straight-A's.

On Dome Day, he was present at the crash site on Route 119. The next day, he was instructed not to attend either Joe McClatchey's protest or Lester Coggins' prayer-group being held in the field of the Dinsmore Farm, and was given chores to do instead. After finishing his chores, it occurred to him to use his father's .30-.30 Winchester Elite XP3 to fire a hole through the Dome.

When he attempted to do so, however, the slug rebounded off the barrier, splitting in two and blinding him. He was rushed to Catherine Russell Hospital, where Dr. Haskell operated on him, but he died on the table.

He was pronounced dead at 5:15pm on 22 October 2012.


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